Gringat's Community Chibi Project #1

Do Looch V2:


That would be tough

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Umm.. is this project dead? If not, i have a submission:

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Not dead, only sleeping. :slight_smile: Got some more built, life's just thrown me a few curve balls lately.

Aaand.. into the hat!


Can someone reccomend my self MOC? I would LOVE to see it small and SO CUTE!

Favor for a favor?

I'll nominate Toa_Radrix' Toa Radrix:


Yay, Thx,

Yes, what favor?

Thought it was obvious, but... nominate mine. Feels a bit wrong to do this, but... I'm a bit surprised Monarth hasn't been nominated. At all. Is he too big or something? Dunno.


I didn't know exactly what was your self- MOC
But I'll nominate it

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I would nominate @Rocka99's self-MOC Jaron, but I can't seem to find a picture of it anywhere... Waits for Rocka to see this and provide a picture for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don't think this is allowed.

Which is pretty much what you're both doing. However, since I'd really like to see a Chibi version of Monarth...

I'm nominating Monarth, the Dream Warden by @Monarth!


It's not technically wrong but it is kinda against the spirit of the thing. @Toa_Radrix it would have been better if you'd nominated someone first rather than just asking to be recommended. That said, they're all in the hat, now :slight_smile:

@jayzor17 I'll be sure to add him to the hat once I've got a frame of reference.

I should stress again, as well, this literally works like a lottery. There's no guarantee of any one nomination being picked. There are always going to be more in the hat than I have the capacity to actually build.


Unfortunately Rocka doesn't have a current picture of Jaron, so I'll have to get back to you on that when that changes.

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2nd March 2019

Htes, self-MOC of @yolo360nosescope, suggested by @Zero !
His chest is built around one of these!

Sorry it’s been so long guys! Got a new batch I’ve been cooking up.


Looks really good!

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Excellent work as always!

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3rd March 2019

The 1st Shadow, self-MOC of The1stShadow, suggested by @Ghid !
Since the original uses one of these, I just had to, too! Alas I don’t own a black kakama, so a classic gold one it is!


Man, he’s never looked better. totally not a jab at his mocing skill

Excellent work, thank you! I’m sure he’ll be glad to see this.

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I wanna see my self MOC chibi so much, they’re so cute!

yo thanks for doing Htes dude,
I forgot @zero asked for this lol