The last of my Knights Kingdom-Bionicle crossovers. I am glad to be done with this series because I want to be done with painting for a while.

This time I used Folk Art brand paint on the armor shells.

Alt heads


Close up



I think that the light green head is the best out of the three, overall great job as usual!


Nice use of green colors

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Fantastic job! At first I wasn’t sure if all the different shades of green worked well together, but they definitely do. I would have to agree with @TheMOCingbird about the light green head.


love the colors of that knights kingdom armor and the cape looks great too

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The painted armor is fantastic.
I love the whole thing. Well done!

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Very good use of Vladek’s cape. And those painted armor pieces look phenomenal. Great job.

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Concrete evidence that we need more metallic colors.


The last? Why the last? Noooooo

Did you paint the feet armor?

The dark green helmet is the best in my opinion. Overall, these have all been great, and this is no exception.

@Toa_Radrix The Dark Green feet are from Kongu Mahri.

I meant the Knight’s Kingdom armor

Those Rahkshi feet tie the leg design together so well, awesome design.

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