Guardians of the Galaxy

In my book, it’s a close second to the LEGO Movie.

I just saw it last night, and it is amazing. Marvel movies are usually pretty awesome, but this is pretty high up there if not the best.

Listening to the Awesome Mix No.1 right now :slight_smile:


It is a very fantastic movie. I’ll be honest; I liked Winter Soldier more, but this movie is simply fantastic for what it tried to do. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the character dynamics between the Guardians. They’re all incredibly likeable and I look forward to seeing more of them in future films.

Ronan, though… he sucked. He was a bit better than Malekith and certainly was more imposing, but as a villain… his motivations were barely explained, his screentime was minimal, and the actor… wasn’t… that good. I did enjoy his death, however!

Also, on the subject of Groot… HE WAS EPIC. So glad that he didn’t end up dying at the end. Baby Groot dancing was awesome. XD

Really enjoyed the movie overall, and am looking forward to the sequel. :smile:



I am Groot :new_moon_with_face:

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Eh, if you read the comics you’d probably understand Ronan more (I personally thought he was cool because I knew about him beforehand). But I guess they should’ve done it in the movie itself.


It was very good overall.



Amazing movie. So much personality.

I think Chris Pratt is on his way to major stardom. Major roles in the year’s 2 best movies, and rumors of him being the new Indiana Jones are emerging. Hopefully that’s true, and I hope that we see a lot more of him in the future, he really is a charismatic actor. the amount of emotion he conveyed in Emmet’s voice was remarkable, and Star-Lord was amazing

He’s also been cast as the lead in Jurassic World

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Watched it a second time on Monday, and man when Star-Lord reads the note in his present and his mom calls him “my little star lord” I nearly got tears both times because holy crap, that’s why he calls himself that (at least why in the movie) :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my favorite lines right now is, “Aggggh you are… making me… beat up… grass!”


I loved the movie sooooo much! Those seventies songs :smile:
Here’s the full soundtrack, it’s a video but hey, whatever man.

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“IIIIIII’M…hooked on a feeling!”


I’m high on believing… that
is Canooooon!
(And so is viperxmesomarriage2016)


Who needs Hans Zimmer.

I loved the movie sooooo much! Those seventies songs :smile:
Here’s the full soundtrack, it’s a video but hey, whatever man.

~Stay Freaking Classy~

uh you already posted this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it got moved. I hate that they have that kind of power.

In terms of a Marvel movie I found it fairly enjoyable however their were a lot of aspects that kind of annoyed me.

Ronan was defeated in an incredibly pathetic way for a villain who was so hyped, I just felt that he should of smacked away Quill in the final scene rather than stare dumbfounded at the dance. The dance at the end I also felt was a little too unbelievable, but that’s just me I guess

The best moment of the movie for me was probably either the Knowhere Escape (Anti-Gravity Scene) or the scene where the Nova Corps form a barrier

Definitely looking forward to Age Of Ultron.