Guerahk, mistress of rakshi

Basically v2 of this

I wanted to redesign her limbs so she didn’t have so much useless kibble on her body. I also entirely took away the Toa form to reduce the parts forming nessecary for transformation along with changing the weapons.

Bull form

During shooting I noticed that it had a cavity from transformation that coul fit minifig legs.

Of course like some beast wars toys it has a half transformation “attack” mode.


I like the alternate forms but the main “form” looks odd. I do like how it is able to transform but again the normal form looks off.


If it’s about the thighs not blending in to the armor of the upper body it was a sacrifice I had to make to not interfere with her transformation. Though the bull is my favorite form too.

Swagmeister; yeah. I figured If she has to have kibble I might as well make it look like something instead of just hanging it off. I doesn’t really bug me though as it looks like shoulder pads.

Bull form looks good, although there’s a nice chunk of kibble on her shoulders in robot mode.

I agree with @blu regarding the main form, but transforming Bionicle MoC’s (if done right) are always interesting to see.

I agree with @blu on the alternative forms.

I love this, but the main form looks somewhat awkward… However if you bulked up the back and added something behind the upper legs, you could easily have her look like she’s in a mini-mech suit similar to an Exo-Toa, and that’s what allows her to transform? Especially since Rakshi are mech-suits to begin with.

I like the bull form the most, but the main form is interesting in some aspects like the torso.

I always love transforming MOCs.

I really like this MOC for having a “Bioformer” mode, while still looking effective in both modes.

Yeah, definitely.

I like just how creative the alternate mode looks! The spikey appearance certainly makes it appear more intimidating, even though the normal form looks a little awkward.

Nice job! :smiley:

what can I say, you made it transform 9/10

The robot mode looks decent but the legs look too thin, but the alt-mode is awesome!

This my friends, is how not to do the thigh gap.

Definitely interesting