Guide to Zalero-Landmasses

Za’lerroh, or Zalero (Of Zalent), is the name given to the five landmasses of the planet Za’lterah (Zalent’s Sphere). The landmasses, along with the planet and the life which inhabits it, where all created by the creator deity Zalent. The five are known as Delvaa, Ossavaa, Kruvaa, Yivaa, and The Core. The five resemble Zalent’s God Ring.

Delvaa (Bountiful Land) is the home of the Human species, and is known for it’s metropolises, all united by the Ghandrah (Sovereign) Kingdom. Humans aren’t too strong, but their wit and adaptability make them dangerous. This landmass is watched over by Delyn, Zalent’s Pike.
Fauna: Tukelios

Ossavaa (Wild Land) is home to the hardy Wardens, and mainly consists of savannahs and grasslands, but northernmost regions are ice-capped mountains. The armadillo-like Wardens may not be the smartest, but they definitely are powerful. A single Warden could be able to take on five Human knights without problem. This landmass is watched over by Ossachun, Zalent’s Axe.




V.I.R.G.I.L. Dreadnaught

Kruvaa (Storm Land) is home to no sentient species, as even Wardens can’t survive the constant thunderstorms. What people do get there are swallowed whole by the native Pudaragas. As far as we know, it’s a desolate land where the earth is soot-black. This landmass is watched over by Kruwan, Zalent’s Sword.


Yivaa (Ruined Land) is the home of the extinct Tilkin race, and is filled to the brim with their ruins. The most notable Tilkin are the “Programmers”, the most intelligent of their already very smart species, creators of the V.I.R.G.I.L.'s, the H.O.M.E.R.‘s, and H.O.R.A.C.E. Humans have recently began to colonize Yivaa, but progress is slow because of the Programmers’ creations and the indigenous wildlife. Only one Tilkin survives, one named Kilgx. This landmass is watched over by Yilaeus, Zalent’s Arrows.






Core is the fifth landmass of Zalero, and the only one not watched over. The island is a constant battlefield., a victim of the Human-Warden War. He who controls Core gains an upper hand in the war. At the center is Spectrite Cavern, a cave system twisted with evil beings that resemble those aboveground, but made of Spectrite, a pink crystalline substance, essentially making them possessed golems. However, it is unknown what possesses them.
This island is completely devoid of native life.

Yep. All my LDD MoCs (the ones I made public, anyway) all belong to this little universe I’m creating. So, what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your opinions!


This is a very creative concept Hewks! Love the backgrounds for each location and just how unique each inhabitant is.

Thanks Stoax-sama!

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I love the simple world building and fauna work. Great starts for a good story. I also see some inspiration from Code Lyoko in the world map, was that something you were inspired by?

I can show you the map of my story’s world too if you want ^^

I’d never seen Code Lyoko, but i heard it was pretty good. The general layout was inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles, while the Fauna where inspired by basic JRPG monsters, mainly Pokemon.

That’ll be nice!

Oh neat! Yes, Code Lyoko is an amazingly good show, a definite must watch.


Here’s the only picture of it that I could find on my phone. It’s 22.5" x 33" in full size, the picture is chibi me holding it up against a wall.


Pretty good stuff there. It’ll be preferable if you posted that in a new topic, I don’t want clutter here.

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Oh sorry.

I do have a preview of my story available. Once your story is available I’ll definitely check it out. :slight_smile:

Also if you want help with anything, lemme know. Sometimes I do free art.

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Well, uh, let’s just gonna say it’s gonna be a while before it’s done.

Oh okay. ^^ I have confidence in you

this is a lot of freaking stuff

but I really like all these designs

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Hey, I started thinking up this stuff in 2015.

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You really went all out with this. You’ve earned some of my respect. I’d like to see where this idea will go.

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Sonus-senpai noticed meeee

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I like the “Kilgx” one best.

Your map is a sword with a hat…



Quite a creative concept, good job on fleshing out everything.

This is amazing. I want this post in pamphlet form. Very creative.

I actually did base the Pudaragas off of Other M’s Ridley design.