Guitarist makuta thingy

Hello there! So i started listening to a lot of metal, and thats the main inspiration for this moc.

The guitar by itself


Back view




Ok bye



Breaks neck trying to see pictures

You really need to retake those and not have them rotate. On the MOC itself, I really don’t see a guitar anywhere in there, and the build isn’t exactly exceptional. The Dark Red is an interesting touch.


The colors is unusual, but works
The build is not too simple

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I really like the colour scheme for Makuta and I believe if Makuta were to play an instrument it would be an electric guitar.

Very cool! :+1:

Also the blue 3 long pins or whatever in the middle should be black but that’s a small thing.

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“Impressive… quite impressive”

Guess what movie this quote is from.

To further expand upon this:

Ekimu would be vocals and lead guitar.
Makuta would be the brooding bassist that nobody gives any credit.


@Ghidora131 Does he have a more “real” guitar now?
@1000Purse30 thanks!
@SonicBionicleMaster no idea.
@Power.Mocs thanks! I dont have black pins right now tho
@Timageness and skull slicer would play drums!

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Um… interesting.

The quote is from Star Wars the Empire strikes back
Death Vader says it

Well it’s looking better.

I’d use the Squid Launcher as a reference piece for a guitar base and work from there.