GUN.T.O.A. Modified with G2 pieces

I gave my GUN.T.O.A. creation a similar make-over that I did to my Ultrabuild Godzilla, using new pieces from the Bionicle 2015 line.


I really wish people would stop putting G2 armor shells on the feet. It doesn't look good at all.


agreed with @Silver_Falcon, the feet add-ons seem unnecessary.Otherwise the back armor and torso seems funny, but this seems fine otherwise

Did you 3D print those translucent pieces? They look sparkly smile

Looks very nice, clean, and sleek until you get to the lower legs and feet...the shin design doesn't look good on Kopaka, it still doesn't look good here. confused

The chest is awfully huge and the feet look bad

Aaaactually, it's chrome spray paint

Yeeah I custom pain some of my parts....

Truth be honest, I wasn't sure if I liked this modification.
It was more of a test run more than anything, hitting on some things I disliked about the G2 line (i.e. the gear function, and the exposed ball joints in the chest).

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