Gundam Master Grade

I have a question about Gunpla Master Grade kits.
I have 4 HG kits already, and they were fairly easy. I’m thinking that I might be ready for MG, but I’m not quite sure yet.
Are there any tips or pieces of advice that’ll help me make sure I’m ready?


As I said just stay away from transforming mg. I. Heard the mg grunt suits like the jegan and gm are really good to start.

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Cool, thanks!
Would the MG Zaku II 2.0 be a good starter?

One way to find out. You just gotta be patient and careful for the smaller parts. Really you’re making too big of a deal about this “am I ready” stuff. Just go for it.

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Alright, thanks.
Yeah, I just wanted to see what your guy’s advice was.

Just no transforming suits at first and you’ll be fine.

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Cool, thanks.