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I’m sure there’s some way to do it.

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here’s a screenshot from a mecha gaikostu video.

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I think that’s just the arms from one of the other haropla mechs

That’s what @Khalsa721 wanted to know.

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Yeah. As in use the loader and other bodies with the standard arms. Something cooler then the trash can body

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I made a custom!

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opens mouth
closes mouth

What in the name of all that is good and innocent is that


@meepinater Um, a thing?

I’m sorry, I took apart 3 high grades and mashed them up with a RG Nu gundam head.


Paint it up and replace the head and it wouldn’t be that bad. The body shape and wings mostly works if it had a matching color but the head needs to be smaller or at least shaped more to match the iBo design.
Maybe some kitbashing as well

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Add onto this, besides other kits there are a lot of option sets for IBO specific accessories and weapons

Heck maybe even go crazy with Build Fighters/Try and Build Divers/ReRise kits if you can make it look similar with paint or something nice have to take design into account like how we see here that iBo is really specific that it’s really difficult to Match with standard normal gundam design. Generally just avoid iBo for customs unless you stick to just that look; it’s way too different from 90% of gundam suits.

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Honestly despite the fact that each series/continuity and thus each line and some kits have a different style to them, I feel like it’s harder to combine IBO with most other kits due to the unique aesthetic, same goes for the Kight, Musha and other non-Real Robot Gundam

EDIT: also maybe 00 but mileage varies

Agreed; at least 90% of gundam designs are pretty generic that with some modifications the parts wouldn’t look bad together. Generally it’s just ibo and a few teams and such like the thrones.

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I think the ones that are perfect for combination are most/all UC kits depending on if it’s just a regular, something specific like a revive, or crazy like a Ver Ka, the Wing Kits, After War X, maybe but sketchily the Turn A stuff, the Seed and lastly and the other iffy one, possibly 00 series can be combined with some minor modifications to make it work

And of course Build series stuff because that’s one of its gimmicks