GX_05, the adventurer

It’s me!

original illustration:


Looks great, but the pants could use some work IMO.

You captured the look of a coat very well, but I agree with radrix on the legs.
Well done!

Ey! That’s impressive! Not often a big fan of pure system builds, but this guy’s pretty nifty looking! Fully articulate, so perfect for stopmotion, nicely proportioned along with a nice height, and he even has hair!

I know but when I built him I was using mostly pieces from master wu’s dragon and from the blue dragon from the ninjago season with the dragon hunters and most of my dark blue pieces are from the nexo knights sets that were still built at the time

Thanks! I’m not that good with system but he turned out well

You don’t often see a brick-built Self-MOC! Great work with the sleeves and collar, and I really like the part use for that flash of red in the hair. As others have said, jeans could use a little work. I think it’s mainly that they plug straight into the waist/belt without having anything below it. I know people can get iffy about paying attention to a MOC’s crotch, but if there’s nothing there at all, people notice! :no_mouth: