Hafynx - A Very small MOC

This is a MOC that I recently made. I had wanted to add system pieces to a MOC to experiment with how it would look, and this small creation is what I came up with.

It only stands about twice the size of a Lego minifigure! It even has ears that are individually articulated! Spear throwing shot just for fun. (and to show that it even has a waist swivel)
Let me know what you think!


I think he looks


This is so cute!

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Though the Bonkle socket hands kinda look out of place and huge compared to the rest of its technic build…

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looks a bit like a little wolverine

You definitely weren’t kidding about it being small. It’s pretty cool though.

Cute and pretty cool. My only (small) complaint is how far forward the shoulders are.

And those ears made my day.

Looks very nice.

It’s so unbelievably adorable. Like a Pikmin/Gremlin hybrid! :smile:

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Awesome! Do you have a picture of him next to a minifig?

Not at the moment. Sorry

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This thing looks cute. Good job.



Still more articulation than the Toa Mata.

it looks like chibi- @Creep.


Great desktoy size. :slight_smile:

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I have it on my desk :smiley:

@TBT_Emerald Thank you!

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Looks really cute!

Them ears.