Hahli Mahri re-revamp

For this revamp I completely overhauled the torso (Which has a more human-like curve to the spine), implementing a ratcheting torso joint. I also gave her a new version of a Cordak Blaster, as well as shorter arms with new armour and new forearms. smiley I also gave her some more complex wings (Though not as ludicrous as @BricksOfAwesome's Hahli revamp)
Generic pics:


(Old pic)View of her back if anyone wants to replicate the wings:

I'll probably take some more photos later, when I do, I'll add 'em here. stuck_out_tongue

And just because, here's a pic of some sushi I had:


Like that design for the Cordak blaster. A possible upgrade for it could be to add a stud cannon so that it could actually shoot.
On the back, the red and burnt-orange pieces stand out a bit...but only on the back. They're hidden very well from the front.
Also, the fact that the hands are Mata blue seems a bit odd to me. Might be better with light green, silver or grey.
The torso is very well done; I don't mind the white/dark blue pieces at all. The white goes very well with it. You did a good job of building a female torso without making it too feminine (no nuva shoulders).
Love the wings.
Great job with this MoC!


Why thank you! ^-^ I'll get some of my silver bits out (Since she used the last of my lime-green bits. I had more, but they broke. :/ ) & see how she looks with those. stuck_out_tongue Also, yeah, I kinda dislike using the Nuva shoulders. They seem like too much of a shortcut, and I prefer to not use them unless they're necessary. ^-^


This color was defective for all Bionicle socket joints. Almost none of mine are still intact. All of the ones I have for my Hahli are cracked and barely hold together. As for Lewa...
Phantoka Lewa has become a quadriplegic. He will never walk again.
But he never walked anyway. AIR-FLYIN' FOR THE WIN!

Also, I really liked how you flipped the shoulder and thigh armor that was originally used for the set of Mahri Hahli. Gives her a very unique look, especially on the shoulders.


Good job!

Lol, Ikr. I had to use my last 100% intact upper leg beam on her left leg. XD Yeah, that just kinda happened because I felt her upper arms were empty. :/ And since the leg armour didn't fit on the upper arms, I used those. stuck_out_tongue Btw, she looks much better with silver hands, and she fits in with my other MOCs so much better. XD

Thank you! ^-^

Really nice work; I love the torso, and you've done a fairly decent job wi-

I'm sorry, but this seriously bugs me, both here and in just about every other Hahli Mahri revamp I've seen.

Really, it's a nice model, but the wings that are supposed to be fins just kill it for me. Sorry. :confused:


I for one think this is the better of the two revamps, complexity does not equal quality, yours feels more like the original character, and these wings look far better to me.
also no rahkshi boobs is a point in your favor.

the blaster looks good, though the colours should be a bit different,

definitely redo the shoulders though, they look really awkward, not necessarily change the armour, but add some more to the front and back of the arms.

and yeah, the red and orange parts stick out a lot and should definitely be replaced.

otherwise, good moc, fairly basic, but very effective, 8/10.


@Payinku I originally intended for the burnt-orange parts to be black or grey, but I didn't have any in those colours (I'll scrounge around for some more in some of my pre-existing MOCs and see if I can replace them. :/) I'll see how some various Bohrok eyes or some other parts look on the shoulders. ^-^

@ColdGoldLazarus O.O Sorry. I didn't know. Seriously, ever since this version of Hahli came out that's what I thought they were. ;~;


No worries, and the confusion is understandable. It's just a... pet peeve of mine.


May it be said, when Mata Nui restored Spherus Magna he made all water-breathers amphibians. So Hahli became an amphibian. Which means she can breathe air and water. Which means that when she goes on dry land, her fins are useless...or are they?

Who's to say that her fins didn't change so that they function as wings and fins? I think that would be really cool.

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K, I've added onto the upper arms, how does this look?

I also scrounged up some black parts for the red bits on the backs of her arms (Not shown. :/ ) and I also replaced the burnt-orange with black bits as well.


better, adding some white to the arms looks nice.

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Thanks! ^-^ Here's 2 pics of the final finally finalised final finalisation of the final MOC:

Do y'all think I should re-shoot some of the pics since I've changed the model?

she appears to be on the isle of karzahni in the first pic.

looks nice.
you know, without the top spikes on the fins they might look a bit better.


Lol. XD Also, you sure 'bout that:

I think they look much better with them. XD

That's a lot of finalization. Looks wonderful, finalized the way she is

I agree with kamen_rider_kiva. Her wings looks much better with the top spikes. Much closer in appearance to Hahli Mahri's actual wings with them on.

Also like the addition of white on the arms; helps to spread that color around and make the Inika leg armor not as exposed. Really nice job.

Thank you! ^-^ Yeah, I quite like the way she's finalised as well. :3 I'll probably get to shooting some more pics later on. I was luckily able to not be in school today so I could revamp my revamp. XD

Good... [Sample Text about why this moc is good]