Hallorian (my self moc)

He is known as the General of the Ferochians, the enemy of the Calabraxians, and the leader of the Calabraxi Rebellion. He is one of the last of his kind. He is Hallorian.

He wields a kunasora (his blade), an electronizer (his gun), and a jetpack
He is one of the last of his race, the Ferochians
He has still unknown powers...

Hope you enjoyed this moc. Be sure to check out some of my other mocs and the stories that I am writing about.


He looks fine,i guess.

But the colors thought.

He's got gold,trans-light blue,takadox's blue,white,orange,trans-orange,silver,dark gold and red.


The secondary colors of blue red and orange will be explained later in my stories...
For now, know that i put them there for a reason and isnt random...

Interesting MOC, interesting indeed. I got a few things to say, so I am going to do this Pros and Cons style.

The size - I'm always a fan of bigger MOCs.
It looks imposing - The MOC has an imposing look. I would not want to run into him in a dark alley.
He looks solid - The MOC looks like it is solid. No unnecessary gaps or holes to be seen.

It looks cluttered - This MOC looks very cluttered. It's hard to tell what is going on here. It's also kind of hard to tell what this MOC looks like.
The color scheme is a mess - The gold is completely fine. It's just all the other stuff like white, ice blue, neon blue, and bright red.
The CCBS - There is not enough. I suggest finding some way to either incorporate more or replace those parts with technic.
He looks top heavy - Yeah... he looks a little top heavy. The legs look strong, but I've noticed that the MOC has it's legs bent.

And I know what you are probably going to say: It's in his story. Fair enough, buuut...that excuse only goes so far (trust me, I know from experience).

Ultimately I give this MOC a 6/10

The legs are not bent except for that pose where one leg is obviously bent. It looks bent from certain angles when it is actually straight. Its how how i made the legs. Also stands well and isnt that top heavy
A future version will incorporate more of the colors that seem random...
Gets explained later in my stories
Also please read the stories i have made so far before judging the moc it will explain more about it and will give you a better insight on building ideas in the future

I guess he looks alright. Kinda reminds me of a Gundam or a Skell.

But he's really cluttered and the colors are off. But he's got some stuff going for him.

I swear, someone else had a self-moc with that exact same head,

Eh, anyway, the moc is rather cluttered, and a bit lumpy. Bigger doesn't mean better, I would scale back the moc.


The colours aren't too good, but I really like the build, the complexity and bulkiness works pretty well.

Rlly ur joshing me
I got this design inspired from watching too much hearts of vengance by maniamac on youtube brainstorm came from zerec zeye his self moc (one of them)

It's good, but... seriously, remove those wings on his back

Its a jetpack first of all
Ok i will should i put guns on instead?

@PakariNation99 I actually did kinda base him off of gundam

Edited for Double Post.

'Tis true.

. .
That guy is agro ill tell u that
Head does look similar, weird,
Feet is bull
Chest armor is flawed
Color scheme isnt consistent
In conclusion, not my moc even though head is similar lol

Whatever they are, I was referring to the giant assemblage of various blades on his shoulders. They really bring down the moc.

I am currently taking away blades on jetpack
@Windfall @Payinku @ChaoticTempleKnight thanks for awesome reviews on this moc