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Why? What happened? Se started out hating the Covenant, and now she’s practically the next prophet!

I don’t think 5ish different people would orchestrate a lie like that, and no one else was questioning it.

Yes, it seems very unlikely that everyone is lying, but this is precisely how false rumours start. We’re just being cautious.


Brian Reed. According to everyone in Howling Dark I’m his son


The writer of Halo 5 that made Cortana evil. His name… Is Brian Reed. Back in Halo 5’s development, they trashed the story, and one day, he got hired. Every good idea, developed character, gone. Then, when Halo 5 was released, there were those who followed.

In those days, the fandom had two major complaints, the campaign, and the multiplayer. They almost have good multiplayer, but the campaign, they couldn’t come close. It was already established story.

(script of Halo Wars 2 trailer)

Howling Dark is an RP

So he’s pretty much Halo Satan now or something like that?

And so you did something, to prompt others to call you his son, which would be an insult.

Did I get that all right?

An insult to be sure, but not without a modicum of respect.


gg squeaver.


it really is an insult and it triggers me /s


Until a source is given i highly doubt 343 would remove the covanent. Get rid of purple could very easily be a artistic style change due to the fact that they have been purple in every game


It might tie into factions like the Banished using other colors (such as red) primarily.

I really don’t want to believe that the covenant would be removed. I’ve been supporting 343 for a while but that would seriously alienate me.

(I honestly like purple in the case of the covenant since it is their Shtick, although almost every color scheme breaking vehicle has become one of my favorites.)


I’m just sitting over here hoping Oceanic comes back.

Try not to lynch me too hard…


Pun intended? :wink:

I mean, technically, the Covenant hasn’t been in a Halo game since Reach. The Covenant fell apart in Halo 3. 4 and 5 have only shown us remnants/splinter cells.


All this talk about the Covenant possibly not being in Halo 6, and I already thought that was the case.

Jul 'Mdama was assassinated, the Swords of Sangheilios took Sunion, and wiped out the last of the Covenant taking refuge there. I assumed the Covenant not being in Halo 6 was a given.


“Getting rid of purple” Could just mean getting rid of the Covenant as a group, likely not getting rid of the races though.

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The only problem with that, is that the Covenant as a group broke up in I think Halo 3.

Exactly, but in Halo 5 we saw the Storm Covenant, they might just mean that we won’t see them again, or anything like them.

But didn’t Cortana start a new Covenant or something in Halo 5?

Uhh…did she?

(I have only seen a few gameplay videos and cutscenes…)

At the last mission, she calls all non human races to join her Covenant.