Halo Discussion (Halo Infinite Hype!)

Yeah, I’m not sure if they’ve changed any storyheads or creative directors yet, but thats a telltale sign a game or movie will be bad

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I’ve also heard that 6 won’t have any covenant in it, but that was also a long time ago. I think the only way that 343 could really bull their butt out of the fire, is to have both covenant, and flood, as well as going back (At least mostly) to the Bungie art style.

They recently replaced Brian Reed…can’t remember the name of the guy…but he did the Batman Arkham games.

It’s going to have the Banished, basically the Covenant with more pointy edges. And the Flood will be in it as far as a single know.

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That hasnt been confirmed. The Banished are indeed around in the story but I dont recall them being confirmed for Halo 6 and the Flood is kinda getting wiped out by Sentinels currently.


Its not like Microsoft gave them much leg room after the fan backlash to halo 4.

That was a long time ago and it was still just a rumor. It was somewhat implied by lore released in a waypoint canon fodder that at least the Grunts had joined Cortana, meaning its not a far stretching to imagine that other races also would.
(i currently cannot find any source so do not quote me on this)

Finding a way to force the flood back into a already full story wouldnt make sense. Unless it has a longer campaign or resolves the Created issue within the first few levels

They found a nice balance with halo wars 2 but some people like me like the 343 art style fine. And i would be rather annoyed if they went back to something like reach’s. Going forward with

From what i can tell there is no evidence that the banished will show up for halo 6. I would enjoy to see them but i would rather not see them pointlessly jammed in with some stupid reason with spme dumb explanation as to how and why the left the ark. I made my thoughts on the flood clear earlier in the post.


Well, what you just said sound like 343 to me.

in what way?

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Most of their story choices seam shoehorned in at first.

That’s because of story rewrites and premade levels for a changed story. Halo doesnt have breathing room, since Halo 4 Microsoft has ensured it is badly written so it will sell well

Taking everything into account, I deem my necropost yesterday a success.[quote=“squeaverking, post:1057, topic:707”]
Microsoft has ensured it is badly written so it will sell well

I don’t follow.

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Microsoft stepped in because they didnt like their game getting called bad because of the initial fan reaction to halo 4. This caused them to change the story for Halo 5, which one can only guess from concept art now what halo 5 was originally before it went through a rewrite.

Oh. I misunderstood. I thought you said that Microsoft intentionally made Halo 5 poorly written.

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Unintentionally, they did. They threw in sanghelios in response to players wanting more sangheili stuff and wondering where arbiter was

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you could argue the same for the flood returning in halo 2.

the levels wouldnt have gotten nearly far enough along in development to have to be reused. Some of the concepts and props definitely, but not an entire level

i disagree. the fact that the Arbiter appeared in halo escalation, which made using the cancelled spartan ops season 2. the fact he appeared implies its very possible a partly Sangheili/Sanghelios focused story in halo 5 was always meant to happen. Meaning it wasnt just thrown in

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Yeah. Although truthfully I must say even if it was “”“filler”"" Sanghelios is something I thought was cool to see in Halo 5.

Unconfirmed had that whole thing with a different level description a while back. That might imply that at least 1/3 of the game’s levels were finished before rewrite, or it was just that level


the levels probably would not have been finished

playtests would exist

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squeaver is uninformed and probably into ponies then.

Do not click, spoilers for Halo Wars 2 Didact’s Hand DLC

Everyone loves the Halo 4 story, but hated the gameplay. The gameplay in 5 is really solid, but the story was a mess that nobody likes.

I might be far too optimistic, but it seems like there could be a good game in our futures


Either that or it goes the other way, and halo 6 is complete garbage. I don’t think that’s what’ll happen, but it’s a possibility.

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