Halo Discussion (Halo Infinite Hype!)

Currently it seems that 343 is taking several good steps towards returning Halo to it’s glory days, and to rebuilding trust with the fans. However I personally won’t be sold until I hear that the Req system (and any other forms of Microtransactions and loot boxes) have been completely removed. I’m not gonna go through the relentless grind of getting good armor, without knowing when or where I’ll actually get it.

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Had the pleasure of playing 5 at a friends house. Loved it.

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Oh, it is waaay more than lame. Closer to one of the worst, of no the worst campaign in the series.

Compared to Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) how bad was it

Well now you’re comparing a dumpster to a landfill. 343 is nowhere near as bad as EA in any aspect, and I doubt they ever will be. However, there is a few videos that describe if far better than I can. Just give me a minute to find them.

Why is Halo 5’s Campaign SO BAD?!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPrhcvHmS7-18hj9KVJmzR7Su77PEGaU_

(Obligatory swear warning)

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The campaign sucked, but I think the gameplay itself is possibly the best in the series.


I loved that one multiplayer mode where you spawn with a random weapon

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Infinite looks good. I like the old-style aesthetic. At first I thought, “wow, this looks like something for Halo 3.”
To be completely honest, the game looked good, but the new engine doesn’t make it look more world-realistic. Is this just me?

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I honestly don’t like games that feel like they’re actually going to happen or have happened (exceptions being world of tanks and maybe CoD WWII/other pre-Vietnam War games. I’ve never played the latter but something that historical I don’t have problems with)

… elaborate?


What do you mean by this?

Like modern/near future combat

Why is that relevant in a Halo thread?

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Someone commented that they wished it was more realistic and I replied to that comment

i mean
could’ve just specified you didn’t like modern/20 minutes in the future military shooters

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Not twenty minutes smh lol

anybody here who plays project cartographer?

No. But that sounds interesting. What is it?

A community driven project to make Halo 2 vista playable whether it’s single player or multiplayer, they have done a fair amount of updates so the game is playable, it just lacks a big community for multiplayer

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