Halo Discussion (Halo Infinite Hype!)

Anybody here read Conversations of The Universe? It’s a little booklet that came with Halo 2. I found a PDF version online and downloaded it.

It’s a pretty fun and interesting read to be sure.

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I hear Reach is coming too.


They are releasing all the games one by one. Halo Reach will be the first one out.


cannot wait!

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Okay okay, so when I go to college next year, which Halo game do I play first?? I’m so excited!

I’d start with combat evolved as it is the first game in the series, but it hasn’t aged well when it comes to map design as there are many copy & pasted rooms, layouts in the campaign and sometimes even the multiplayer, but it is still a wonderful game with a lot of replay value due to its amazing enemy AI.

BUT if your planing on buying it on steam, MCC will get its games monthly or yearly, so they will release the games in chronological order going: Halo Reach, Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo ODST, Halo 4. (though Halo ODST is set between Halo 2 and Halo 3)

another thing is that you need an Xbox live account to play online for PC I think.
and if your’e gonna get it on console, you have to buy ODST and reach’s campaign and firefight mode separately

welcome to Halo newbie!

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Play the series in release order. The story will be more satisfying that way.


2, then 2 again, just don’t stop playing 2. If you need a break reach is an acceptable pass time


I am sofreakin’hypedohmygoodness cautiously very, VERY optimistic.

I’m loving Chief’s new armor.


I was hoping for some game-play, but oh well is there a way to change the title of this discussion? having Halo 5 spoilers is a little old by now lol.


Indeed there is. I just did it.

Anybody here still play Halo 5 online? I plan on getting the MCC on PC later this year, and I’m curious to hear if the online community is still healthy.

I know that iSpiteful, (a halo youtuber, that primarily plays Halo 5) still is playing Halo 5, although his games are a bit smaller compared to what it used to be, however they seem to be enjoying their games and just having fun despite the smaller community. (at present moment)

i played it a couple days ago. I don’t play it super often (I mainly play Warframe on the PC now) But I log in every once in a while.

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My parents are finally loosening up and letting me get 5. I know it’s far from the best in the series but it’s a start. It’ll probably be the best recent game I will have played to put it in perspective.

It has the best forge, not the best campaign or multiplayer, which is why it’s better that 4, though 4 actually tried with the story.

I played a little multiplayer at a friends house and really enjoyed it


you should try mcc if you hav’t played the og games, its far from perfect but since you got an xbone then you might as well

Nice! I’m guess they let you get Halo 5 because of the T rating? How familiar are you with the Halo lore?

I agree with this statement in theory, but MCC is technically rated M (in large part due to all the Floody bits) so that may be outside of the realm of possibility for @EmperorDuckie right now.


true but honestly for me now halo 3’s flood depictions is the only thing to be rated m lol