Halo: Enemies to Allies

Far off on a distant Halo Installation, two small groups reside, locked in a stalemate that’s gone on for months.

The UNSC forces have fortified themselves within the ring’s library. The Covenant there have been trying to get it.

Today both sides have received message that the war is over, and both sides are now at an alliance.

With this news in mind, both faction leaders now go to greet their former enemy, meeting each other half way. As well as bringing any troops that were willing to come along.



Walter Briggs, a thirty-odd marine with graying hair and a square jaw, leads his troops toward the Covenant camp. Near him trudges SPARTAN Thomas-B812, sniper rifle in hand.

Chu’ck walks with his group. “Why are we doing this again?”

“I don’t like this. Having to make nice with the humans. All that fighting for so long and all for nothin”
Complained Flapflap, the Grunt commander.

“I understand. This is quite perplexing. But I dare not question the word of the Arbiter. If peace is what he wants, then peace there will be.”
Replied Syro 'Zavum, the leader of his squadron.

Rick followed Walter. "Never, in all my years o’ war 'ave I seen a truce such as this one. " he fingered his SMG. “This oughta be good.”

After walking for a while, the two parties would meet in a field.

Syro looked down on the marine commander.
“So I assume you received the same news we did.”

He stated simply.

“…Spartan, there appears to be a smudge on your visor,” Briggs tersely says to Thomas. “Bottom left.”

Thomas tilts his head. “Sir, respectfully, I’m not-”

“-I said we were to look presentable, did I not?” Briggs interrupts. “That includes you, too, Spartan.”

Behind the silver visor of his helmet, Thomas rolls his eyes, as Briiggs continues on.

“I’ll assume so, yes,” responds Briggs.

Chu’ck said loudly. “who’s that?”

Rick raised an eyebrow. He examined Chu’ck, and then saw FlapFlap. He snorted, but otherwise hid his amusement.

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Syro ignored his subordinate.

Flapflap turned around and shushed him loudly.

“It will be some time before we’ll be able to be extracted from this ring. Perhaps we could take this time to ease nerves between enemies. Perhaps even learn from one another.”
Syro said to the commander, trying to make the best out of a confusing situation.

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Chu’ck rolled his eyes at FlapFlap.

Rick stepped forward. “If needed, I could help fix up any wounded soldiers.”

Briggs nods.

“…Yes,” he says. “Yes, I… suppose we should endeavor to make the best of this situation we’ve found ourselves in.”

The marine extends his hand for a handshake.

S-7777 walks in with his DMR rested on his shoulder. He was silent as he found the idea of joining forces with ba past enemy force felt revolting to him, though he came anyways due to the persuasion of a fellow soldier.

“Your offer is appreciated, but unnecessary.”
He said before accepting the hand shake.

“Though I see old habits will die hard. Your troops have brought weapons on what should be a meeting of peace.”
Syro noted.

Hearing this, Flapflap hastily tried to hide his needler behind him.

There was rumbling in the nearby ground

Briggs nods again.

“Heheh…” he chuckles, a little anxious at being called out so. “Yes, I suppose so.”

“I might as well be throwing sand, for all the good this does me…” Thomas grumbles quietly, glaring at his sniper rifle.

Rick took this opportunity to make a joke. “Hey, in case a flying police box attacks, we might need some firepower.”
He looks at Thomas. “Kid, you’ve got quite a bit ta learn.”

Chu’ck looks around. “Why do they have guns?” He asks loudly. “Are they gonna attack us?” He fingers his needles rifle, strapped on his back.

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“Fear nothing of it. This will take much adjustment for the both of us. Perhaps you should come with us to our camp. We will talk more there.”

Flapflap eyed the hunters behind him cautiously. He never liked the way those things always seemed to be looking at him. Though that was probably his imagination.

The golden hunter payed the grunt no mind, eyeing the Spartan. The twins however growl at him

“Ha! Good one, mate!” chuckles a nearby ODST.

“I won’t dispute that,” agrees Thomas.

Thomas’ gaze thus shifts to the hunters, and he waves awkwardly.

Yet again, Briggs responds with a nod.

“Would you mind if I brought along some, ah, company?” he asks. “You understand, I’m sure.”

Rick smiles beneath his helmet.
He turns to look at the hunters. “Brusque bunch, aren’t ya?” He says gruffly.

Chu’ck leaned down and whispered to FlapFlap, “so we’re bringing them to camp to ambush them, right?”

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