Halo friggin reach

So I recently watched some of the "HALO FRIGGIN REACH" videos.... For a show with a no-cussing policy, your gaming channel Had a lot of cussing.


The game channel was always a separate endeavor that didn't really abide by the same rules. We've since abandoned it and moved towards TTV as our sole focus. It is a pretty interesting blast from the past, though. stuck_out_tongue



I guess it's a bit too far from the standard to REACH!

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Title edited to exclude swears. I'd sensor the body as well if I were you.

Frickin isn't allowed?! Edit: I censored myself.

It's a swear, and the boards have a no swear policy.

I'll change it, but honestly Meso didn't say anything about it.

Quite right; I'm not the most active mod around here and, as such, I'll default to the others on the matter. Really isn't a huge deal either way, though. stuck_out_tongue



... I swore in it? Dang it's been so long I honestly don't even remember.


Dude. You used the "F" word in the 3rd one.


Hahaha brilliant.


I loved these LPs from Ven! So good!

And then there was Var's F.E.A.R playthrough. Didn't watch much but I checked out the first episode because I was....wondering if the cast swore outside of the podcast stuck_out_tongue


I appreciate the effort, but please don't take mod duties upon yourself if you are not a mod.

Frickin' is absolutely allowed, as is friggin' and most other variations involved. We're much more lax here on the boards; generally speaking, words like frick/crap/heck are allowed. The ceiling of swears we allow here are ■■■■/hell/■■■, and that's generally for use in Creative Content (in your epics and comics) or like in reference to names (you don't need to censor the movie "Kick-Ass", for example).

Swearing is just one of those things where it only gets out of hand with individual people, really. I don't think any of us necessarily have a thing against swearing. We're all adults. But we do realize that our videos get watched by a lot of kids, so we try and censor ourselves there. We want our channel to be a place where kids can safely be on without having to worry that their parents might hear something and make them turn it off, and that parents can trust not to have swears every other second. On the boards, though, it's not the same, because we're doing a lot more personal interaction and thus behave much more like our actual selves. You should hear Var or Ven outside of call =P.

But saying stuff like "friggin" is against the rules is pretty ludicrous. We're not that big on censorship. Especially if you're just going to change it to "frickin", there's no real point to that, is there? =P


"Friggin" is just a different way of saying "frickin". Literally. Why the heck would one be worse than the other?


Maybe the sound the letter K makes is less offensive to people than the sound that G makes.

I dunno, man. That G has done some pretty terribawful things.

G is like...5% responsible for the whole Mardi Gras joke. The letters themselves are 45% responsible for the joke.

The other 25 and 30 are @Mesonak and @IllustriousVar respectively.

Sorry, this is pretty spammy.

Anyway, I found this series, as well as most of the nameuunavailable content quite enjoyable. With the exception of things played by Eljay, honestly. Like his Bionicle: The Game playthrough?

Didn't care for it. Eljay is entertaining, IMO, when he's not alone, as he is a reactive personality, not a proactive one.


It's strange, I fit this situation with ones in movies, where an actor plays a part in something like a kiddies film, then plays in a rated 18 movie and your like WOAH, I could never imagine that guy swearing etc XD.