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I made this dude in Halo Reach. Forest green and Cyan colored. I wanna see what You guys would be in Halo. And what weapons you’d wield, colors, etc. My dude is Joe-4728, a spartan 3 with Operator armor and Hazop as well. So, leave your Halo OC in the comments.

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If I could find out how to take screenshots in game, I could get a picture of mine.

SPARTAN-IV in white Mark VI. He’s a sniper/scout and usually caries a DMR and Magnum. I’ve got a LEGO sig-fig version, I can post him here soon.

@ToaVuhii Pretty easy. Just get equipment and place it in Forge, Go into a custom game of slayer, run around, and then go to theater, pause and take as many pics as you want. Then, upload to your file browser, and quit. Then, go to halowaypoint.com and search it on the Halo game you took it on. Then, download it and ya done.

@legomaster1378 I can’t wait to see it

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Do you happen to have an Xbox Live account that I can send a friend request to? Trying to find all the TTV fans and catch them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, ok, Bloody Recess. I didn’t choose the name, I use my stepfather’s console.

What’s yoooour Gamertag then?

Also, I don’t play reach that much. Despite it being a masterpiece.


Kill me now.

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I couldn’t find you, but my gamertag is JumpingbobLUC if you can find me.

Halo 4 is DA best Haloz eva. “Tear him to shreds fans.” - Eljay in MNOG

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Here he is, @squeaverking: