Halo: Reaching Out Main RP

Spartan 4728 has seen his fair share of missions with the UNSC. But this, this operation takes the cake for being the absolute strangest. This is how it began.

4728 had lost his team recently, and was being transferred to another squad. 4728 was dropped off by Falcon at a building New Alexandria City to meet them. 4728 was escorted by a marine to the other Spartans. He entered the room...

Two Spartans with Sniper Rifles sat on a bench talking to each other. One was wearing sky blue and yellow ODST armor(Riker-Takua, putting these in so I know who I already wrote in.), the other in white and silver Mark VB armor(Daniel-LM). 'Two snipers... That's interesting... ' 4728 thought. Two more Spartans were across the room playing a game of cards. One wore Operator armor like my own in Gold and Red(Ramona-REC), the other in black and white Recon armor(Jarrod-MFS).

An orange and steel EOD Spartan (Kay-Beef) stood off to the side, holding a knife. Two Air Assault Spartans, one white and cyan(Syn-Eko), the other black and silver(Ichon-Eko) stood by a terminal. 'This is a lot of Spartans for one squad...' 4728 thought as he looked around. Three others were there as well, a black and green Operator(Jemoph-JMP) like myself, black purple Recon(Taylor-Gecko), crimson black Air Assault(Dan-Pyren) and a steel red EOD Spartan(Axle, Xevins).

'Guess I should introduce myself.' 4728 thought. "Hello, name's Joseph, you guys can call me Joey if you'd like." He said, waving his hand a little. "Do you guys know who's in charge?" He asked immediately after. "Apparently you," the crimson black Air Assault Spartan pointed at him. "And Jarrod, guy in the black and white Recon over there, playing cards." He said, then pointing to Jarrod. 'How can there be two leaders in one Spartan team? And with 11 Spartans. I'm really under informed... This Jarrod guy probably understands what's happening.' 4728 walked over to Jarrod, and sat down next to him. "Excuse me, but, what's going on here, mainly who's in charge. I've never been in a squad with more than one leader." 4728 said. "Actually, there's two squads. We're going to be doing a lot of operations together, so they decided to have us survivors group up together. You're team Jammer, I'm team Tranquility." Jarrod explained. "Thanks. That explains a lot." 4728 responded. "Who's on my team?"

"Axle, dark red EOD, Taylor, black Recon, and I forget the rest." Jarrod told me. "Alright." 4728 said and got up, looking across the room. "This is weird." He said under his breath and walked over to Axle, the red EOD.

I was assigned to the Covenant Super carrier Heavenly Chorus to help lead the other Sangheili soldiers aboard it into battle. I was good friends with the Shipmaster aboard, Mese Fellowee. News had reached the ship of a Heretic group. Mese had his worries for a mutiny, so he had several trustable Sangheili as his officers. Me, Rhak Leree' being one of them. There were several others. Recently, some of our own were found to be Heretics. They are currently locked up in one of our Spires on the Human world, soon to be moved to High Charity after our surprise attack.

Our current fleet was quite small. But, it made up for it with the two Super carriers we had, under the cover of our Spires. The other was Long Night of Solace. I'm being deployed in the first attacks with a Special Operations team.

On the ground at one of the Covenant Spires

Hal Mar had to be quick. It wouldn't be long before the others found out about how she knocked out the security systems. Except they wouldn't because of how she had been stationed there. She had to free the Heretics being held here, as they'd surely be executed on High Charity. She walked around a corner with her active camo on. She came to the door, guarded by two Elite Minors. She assassinated the first and killed the second with her Covenant Carbine. To make sure she was in the right place, Hal looked through the shield. There were her comerades, Lahr Risika and Vaht 'Lenatee. "I'm deactivating the shield. We need to get out, now. They won't be able to find us in the hills." Hal Maree said, and motioned for the two to follow. "Thank you, Hal Maree." Lahr and Vaht said as they headed down the stairs of the Spire. Hal Maree had planted explosives in the Hall, so most of the Elites would be scattered. "Wait for my distraction. Then run for the cave to the North. I hid your weapons there as well. I'll try and meet you there." Hal said as she went into camo again.

After a few minutes, a loud explosion was heard to the East, followed by Carbine fire. That signaled the escape. Vaht and Lahr had made it into the rocks on the hill next to the Spire, when Vaht looked back. Amidst the smoke, Hal could be seen killing as many Elites as she could with her Sentinel Beam. "Vaht, we can't help her without weapons." Lahr said, and they continued moving.

They eventually reached the cave North of the Spire. Surprisingly, Hal was there already "Boo." She said, coming out of camo.

Damage Guide:
Weapon---Damage Per Bullet

UNSC Guide:
Battle Rifle---1/6 per burst
Assault Rifle---1/10
Dual Magnums---1/5
Sniper Rifle---1/1
Grenade Launcher---1/3
Rocket Launcher---1/1 vs. infantry, 1/2 vs. air, 1/4 vs. tank(Blue)

Covenant Guide:
Plasma Pistol (1/4 vs. Shields)1/10
Needle Rifle---1/10
Plasma Repeater---1/10
Plasma Rifle---1/8
Concussion Rifle---1/6
Covenant Carbine---1/8
Energy Sword---1/1
Beam Rifle---1/1
Sentinel Beam---1/30(Counting per charge, not blast)
Plasma Launcher---1/1 vs. infantry, 1/4 vs. air, 1/8 vs. Tank.

If you lose your shields, your accuracy will decrease to 1/2.

Guide to the Health of enemies
Name---Damage able to be taken(Compared to Elite health)
Drones---1/10(1/4 chance of hitting)
Hunters---10/1(2/1 with Rocket Launcher)
Jackals---1/4(1/2 of doing physical damage to shielded, snipers are 1/4)


Ordinance tutorial(only available to Spartans:
Rocket ammo(refer to as Ammo 1)
Target Locator(call in the BIG GUNS)
Sniper ammo(refer to as Ammo 2)
Ammo for short range weapons(refer to as Ammo 3)
Health Flare(That thing from Halo Wars that healed stuff, just a small version)

Call in the ordinance by contacting command, stating your situation. Ordinance drops will become harder to receive the farther the Invasion progresses. Ex.

"This is Spartan 4728, Jammer team! We have two Spartans down and our Medic is fresh out of Health packs! We need a Health Flare immediately!"

Then I'll respond saying yes or no, and with the latter a reason related to the Covenant advance.

Alright. Let's do this!

Tagging the rest
Anyone who hasn't signed up for a team, please do so in the Halo: Reaching Out Discussion Topic.

Taylor saw the newest arrival walking over to the red EOD spartan, what was his name? Alex? Axle? oh well. "I guess I should say hi." he said to himself and sauntered over to where the two were standing. "Heyo, I'm Taylor-4278, and you, (looking at Joseph) must be the new Jammer leader."


"Yeah, that's me. Nice to meet you." He looked at the Spartan's weapon. "You seem like you're good at what you do. Nice to know the big ones'll be pretty far away from us with you here." 4728 added.

"Haha I guess so, granted a snipers only as good as his spotter." He looked at the rest of the Spartans, noting the lack of close combat class load-outs. "speaking of snipers, there seems to be a larger number of us then I'm used to seeing in on place. Although the Civil War and whats been happening on Reach must really cause a lot of casualties and snipers are kind of away from it all so we do tend to live longer." Taylor stood in though for a moment. "wonder if there are any girls on my team" He said and elbowed Joseph.


"Ha! I bet there are, but I'd rather you focus on the fight. Especially since in these days, they seem more ready to kill us. With these snipers, though, we're gonna have a good chance of survival. I remember my last sniper was able to rebound a single shot off a wall to hit an elite. Saved my life countless times." 4728 stared off for a second. "Sorry about that, I tend to get off topic quickly. So, who are the others?" 4728 says, turning to the other Spartans.

"Gotcha" Turning also. "I haven't really bothered to find out, lets see."


The two Spartans jaunted over to the bench in the corner. The tall, lean figure clad in white Mark VB MJOLNIR stood up.

-"Name's Daniel-1378," he said. He pointed to the Spartan behind him. "My buddy over there's Riker."

-"I'm Fireteam Jammer's spotter. I'll be your eyes and ears out there against those Covenant ba****ds."

OOC: As soon as everybody's got their team locked it, I recommend we do a roll call/roster in order to have a simple, concise reference of who's who and what their roles are.


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"Nice to meet you, Daniel. You too, Riker. Great to have your skill sets. We're gonna need a Spotter with all the snipers we got." 4728 said.


OOC: I think maybe adding all the character chart thingys to the main RP might help out. I also just relized how close me and @squeaverking 's Spartan numbers are.. wow.

"I'm Taylor-4278. Call me Taylor though." "I'm glad your a spotter, I sure as hell need one."


OOC: I saw that and was like Well Sweet Mother Teresa On The Hood Of A Mercedes Benz! His number switched around the 2 and 7! It's alright. I'm gonna totally screw up with the numbers. Now we have to wait for the others to choose a team or get on the Boards...

4728 nodded in agreement.


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OOC: Just have one Spartan talk to their squad leader, assuming you chose a squad(Tranquility(2 Spartans) or Jammer(5 Spartans)). We're all a bunch of Lone Wolves being thrown into a team, or survivors from previous squads.


OOC: Gonna join this. Take me to my leader.

(who is my leader? I don't see it in the OP)


OOC: Leader of Tranquility team is Jarrod 787/ @Middlefingerstudios


OOC: Gotcha. Both Syn and Ichon will be on Tranquility.

IC: "Hey, I hear you're the Tranquility leader, right? Jarrod, if I read the papers right. Nice to meet you."



shakes hand yup that's me Jarrod 787, nice to meet you too, your Ichon right? Specialized in close range combat, gotta say, in my days I've never seen a spartan who wields an actual sword, hopefully you're good with it /s


"Been training for most of my life with this sword. It's gotten me out of more than one tight situation."
Syn walks up
"My name is Syn. I come from the same team as Ichon here. Nice to meet you."


The female Spartan operator in Gold and Red who sat on a bench installing some helmet attachments. Saw the new Spartans Ichon and Syn talking to Jarrod and came over. Holding her Operator helmet on her side. She then stood beside Jarrod first saying "Hello. So, you're the new Spartans Ichon and Syn. Am I right? and also the name's Ramona or Ramona 2015. Your team Medic and Advisor."


good to meet you as well, people seem to relate you to 117 due to how you fight, personnally I do not see it that way, you're just a good soldier... also yes this is Ramona, was just playing cards with her, she kicked my can at it