HALO Spartan figure

The mask it has is temporarily.


The Hixo Armor is my own idea of my own Spartan armor from HALO franchise series, it can survive heated areas for 24 hours it can also survive heated water and extreme cold temperatures but for 12 hours. It also has jetpack system build into it (with the us of 7 minutes) just without the thing on it’s back like in HALO 4 which the weapon would phase throw it.


The main weapon is called the RI-70(Rampage Incineration) its a submachine gun, single shot or triple shot weapon that can penetrate almost any material.

His side arm pistol called M-16(Meltdown) this weapon shots pistol size bullets that can over heat flesh, metal, etc. like lava but a few materials can be affected to it.

The last picture with two other figures is his team there are others to come so its a small team for now.(the masks they currently wear are temporarily as well)


The color schemes on them are good, but those blue pins, especially on the red and black Spartans just break the color scheme for me


Thanks and ikr ;w;

Oh wow these are real groo- see red and blue pins.

Any way these are great MOC. The only real Complaint I have with them are the red and blue pins.


Thank you and i agree but what can i do color them or wait for LEGO to do some colors to match them maybe but yea i have that same complaint

These are amazing, the pins don’t bug but they would look better without them. But only by a smidge

9.9999999999999 recurring/10


Thank you and the pins don’t bug me neither but i can agree with some that it bugs them

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Looks sort of clunky


As in overly chunky in places and some what awkward looking .

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True, but i just went with it lolz

Personally I feel that it looks like the armor in the game that i believe it’s based on.

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Yay owo

yeah I feel if you change the head this could look really good

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It looks pretty cool, with the nicely built chest, legs, and arms. I’m not the biggest fan of the mask, but since you’re gonna change it, it’s not that big of a deal. :smile:

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The build of the torso really captures the look of a 343 era Spartan, and it’s really great looking. The one thing I’d suggest is moving the upper arm armour down a bit so it doesn’t cover the shoulders. :smile:

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The mask are only temporarily i wanna find someone whom can make custom masks from scratch

Thank you owo

Yay and i guess so ill try to do something like that for the next Spartans owo

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The armor could be a bit more fluid if you’re going for Mjolnir. It’s kinda clunky, reminds me more of Hulkbuster than anything.

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