Halo SpruKits Master Chief Level 3 Repaint

The level 3 Masterchief was recent only $15 instead of $60ish on Toysrus.com, so I decided to pick him up because it seemed like a solid figure and a cool model kit. While it was a cool model, I wanted to make it look like the in game chief and and a plastic model, and here’s how it turned out:

There are some problems with the figure, mainly being the articulation doesn’t allow for natural poses and if you do manage to get one its by doing a shot at an angle of the figure, the shoulders are a little too low, and that the legs are fairly big compared to the arms. But this guy is really solid all around, and in happy to add him to the collect and up on the shrine.


I don’t even play Halo.

But this looks pretty awesome.

Looks good!