Halo: The Master Chief Collection

So, H2 Anniversary anybody?


This is the best idea 343i ever created.


It's the greatest thing to happen to xbox ever.

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It's convinced me to get an Xbox One, so that's saying something.


I think this is why they didn't add backwards compatibility to the games because they'll just remake the previous games.

Now the xbox one sounds like a purchasable thing.

Once it comes out, we should all get together and play stuck_out_tongue

I'm looking forward to it, never got to pay original halo 2 multiplayer (or halo 1 multiplayer)

okay I'm having a dilemma and need help, should I get the digital version, or should I just stick with my pre order?

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I guess the only thing you gotta ask youself is, " do I get anything with my normal pre-order, and is it worth it"?
Most of my friends are getting it digital as we will be playing it non-stop and it will save them from changing the disc. I however am getting the retail version as I'll be getting the Bandana Skull for Halo 2 as a pre-order bonus.


thanks, I've asked multiple people and I'll be getting the disc as well

Since when does the MCC have a digital version? stuck_out_tongue

It has Gotten the Digitel Version since the game has gone gold. You can Pre -download it on the Xbox One as we speak. The beauty of next-gen consoles.


"Pre-download"? What has the world come to? stuck_out_tongue

what do you guys think of these? they are SOME of the halo 5 armor sets you unlock in the MCC halo 5 beta

Mark VI
Unlocked by getting "Your journey begins" achievement

Mark VI scarred
Unlocked by getting the "Cairo stations" achievement

Unlocked by getting the "Legend" achievement

Unlocked by watcihng all 5 episodes of Nightfall
343 said the armor wil look more dirty and rugged in game, I like the looks of them


The armour looks amazing, I'll probably support that during the Batter.

As well, anyone see the new 50 achievements that is getting added in the Day One Update, that pushes the gamerscore from 4000 to 4500? Most of them are Mulitplayer related.

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i know, that's insane and awesome

Am I the only one who doesn't see any difference between the two MkVI armors?

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there is a slight difference in the right breastplate, it has some pattern, I'm sure we'll be able to see it better in-game

OK. It's probably supposed to emulate the Halo 3 Chief after he fell down to Earth.

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most likely

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