Hammer-Flush Champion Hahli

I had this concept idea for a while now, mostly after the web-episodes showed the whole Hammer-Flush arena bit. Plus I also had a Protector mask from an older order so I thought I put it to use. The hammer is near ancient, minor alterations were done on it though.

Detail shots:


Heck, that's actually a really good-looking Hahli. Wasn't expecting that. Good job!

the links seems a bit strange
why did you not just upload the photos

Why is she so... tall.

Since I'm a pretty big Hahli fan, this works pretty good. Assuming I know what you're going for.


Personally, I don't think this is a good representation of Hali, but it's still a really good MoC.

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This looks really cool. Nice job

Well other than the gaps on the back and the pins sticking out on the tail, the MOC is very well done.

I'm not a big fan of the tail, but the throwbot heads for feet and the wheel on the hammer are creative parts usage, along with the bohrok shield back armor. Good job.

To be fair Hahli doesn't exist in the Okoto canon, so technically there is no description I should work with, this is just an idea I had, since a few of the skeletons were somewhat animal like (Basher, Scorpio, Slicer [maybe, he does have 4 arms]) and since Hahli in G1 did play Kohli I thought I mixed the two, making her be "technically" from that species that were the skeletons from, and after the City of the Mask Makers was reclaimed a Hammer-Flush game was the celebration event which she won in the end.

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Granted. But at that point there seems less of a reason to still call her Hali. Regardless, this is a great MoC.

The gap only exists because of the Bohrok armor piece, which is on her to make her more streamlined for underwater travel.

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It looks a little robust, but still looks nice :smile:


Is that throwbot legs I see? (〃 ω 〃)

I thought she'd be smaller.

I enjoy the MOC, but can someone tell me where the term: hammer flush became cannon?

Hammer Flush was shown when Lewa found the images of it were shown overgrown by vines as they were exploring the city and Slicer took Lewa's mask. If I recall Bionicle.com mentioned it around that time, but since the site is stupidly made you can't check that since it's Uniters now :confused:
But then again not much is mentioned about the game aside from what were shown in the web-episodes.

Oh. I knew what it was, I just wanted to know where the word came from. Thanks!

True. Nice profile picture :3

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I got to say it looks great.
Love the hammer.