Hanash Kraakhan the Hideous

A beast of Matoran legend, this monster is said to come from the edge of the universe. So massive, Teridax himself is dwarfed in size and so hideous, one would be driven mad by simply seeing it. Hanash Kraakhan guards three golden discs from the universe that existed before the MU. Whether it truly exists or not is unknown, as speaking of the legends is said to bring disaster.

A reworking of a build I’ve had sitting around for a while. I took some inspiration from the doom viper. Not much else to say


Looks a lot like a certain Greek dragon… anyway interesting build. It certainly looks monstrous


Very nice! It’s so generation like! Looks like those old combiners they used to have.

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Is this supposed to be a cobo model between Rhakshi and RoboRiders?

No. Just a monster

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Reminds me of the doom viper a lot.

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