Hang out time

So, how the game works is you choose one person on the message boards that you would like to hang out with in real life. Then you say why you want to hang out with that specific person and what you would do if you had exactly 24 hours to hang out with them. Finally, you @ them and then they have to reply by saying whether or not they would hang out with the person that @ ed them and whether or not they think your idea of a hang out would be fun. Then they can continue the chain by following the rules above. You can also start a different chain if you haven’t been @ ed. Simple enough? I’ll begin

I would like to hang out with @N01InParticular because they seem like an interesting person and I think it would be fun to hang out with them. We would start the day by going to a lego store because, well, we’re both here aren’t we? Then we would head to a park and play some Nerf. Finally, we would head back home and watch some She-Ra.

if this game is absolutely stupid please let me know

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any feelings that get hurt In this process or any inappropriate jokes made. Join at your own risk

i’d hang out.

I would like to hang out with @Ghid we would break the kneecaps of every weeb in the nearby vicinity.


yourself included


wait, don’t you have to tell him yes or no?

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history can be rewritten edited.


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