Happy Adam


A hair-trigger youth with a lot to prove. Skate or Die!

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Very cool! Where is that cloth piece from? Scala?

actually it’s from a ken doll lol

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Well… It would be perfect for a Eljay MOC…:grinning:

That blurred section… I got it…An inappropriate thing…

Most of the MOC is good, but the head is really weird and I can’t realize what it’s supposed to be.

This MOC could be good even without that middle finger raised up.

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Those shoes… what a boi.

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I think his head is supposed to be a bomb. Either way, great moc! I love the spiked knuckles.

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Those sneakers are pretty great. This build has a lot of personality, something I love in MOCs.

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Great use of the ccbs “clown” shoes!

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