Happy April Fools! Official General April Fools Topic


So… Is the civil war over? Or are we still hunting down Thanexx?

The war is over, we can all go home

(But seriously please don’t make my job harder and spam the boards with team LJ/Kahi posts)


I got my sister yesterday with the old plastic wrap over the door trick. It’s amazing how well it works.

I told all my friends on Deviant Art that I was getting married. No one fell for it.


You know what I hate about AFD? Realistic pranks. You know when people, groups, or companies tease something that would be awesome and then they are all like “APRIL FOOLS!!!” GOD I HATE THAT!


Like West-Jet?

I don’t know what that is at the moment.

Oh it’s an airline that was advertising a robot that runs along the roof of the cabin, you order food from your phone and then it brings it to you

Never heard of it. I am going to brutally honest: That sounds stupid…even as a prank.

Since, April Fools day is over, it’s probably best to close this till next year.