Harbinger Of Many Explosive Rampages

Harbingers Of Many Explosive Rampages, or H.O.M.E.R.'s, are the rarest and most dangerous of the Programmer's robots. Only 5 have been reported patrolling the ruins of the Programmer's capital.

It is theorized that H.O.M.E.R.'s were supposed to be anti-vehicle versions of the V.I.R.G.I.L.'s. Their top speed has been recorded at 40 miles per hour. While their incredibly strong bite can rip through metal from up close, the cannon on its back can utterly annihilate a modern tank from half a mile away. The chaingun on its stomach and its spiky tail can be used for anti-infantry.

They have the strongest eyesight out of any of the Programmer's robots. The lights on their heads serve the same purpose as the H.O.R.A.C.E.'s. Their bottom jay can produce a kind of toxic gas and exhale it through the vents inside their jaws. Their armor has also been known to be extremely hard to penetrate. If you spot one of these, it is recommended you proceed with extreme caution.

(Last LDD MoC for now. As you may have noticed, their acronyms spell out the names of Greek and Roman poets. As you may have also noticed, this design also draws inspiration from the Panzerhund from Wolfenstein. Just some insignificant trivia.)
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Interesting concepts.


Sweet! the torso seems a little...blocky.

It is a Lego chest.

I know...but Lego makes sloped bricks for a reason.

True true

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