Hard Cotton- A High Affinity Release


New soundcloud. New music. Whenever we feel like it.

As per popular request, we’re releasing a free download/stream of our song, Hard Cotton, the instrumental used in the TTV Podcast, as well as an extended version because why not.

Look forward to more in the coming hours/days/months/years.

(You guys can thank the young fan I randomly met at my job who reminded me to do this)



This be my favorite High Affinity song right now

especially when I get to hear it almost any time I watch the TTV Podcast.

also, I wonder if we shall get a version with vocals? Since Varderan’s singing voice is amazing



I can picture Var shredding this on one of his guitars.

:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: tbh

really nice to have the music

I can’t seem to acces the High Affinity Soundcloud profile. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

The link worked a moment ago; seems to be an issue on Soundcloud’s end.

I just want Eljay’s Review Theme. Is that also High Affinity?

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It absolutely is, and you can definitely expect an upload sometime soon.


With or without the lyrics, or both?