Hardest Boss Battles

This topic is to discuss that hardest boss battles you faced

This game sucked anyway.

0 or 0^2 from Kirby.

Mine is simple any raid boss fro destiny especially kings fall

Almost a year since launch still can't beat kings fall

Diablo from Diablo II.

His boss fight is ridiculous. With some of the best armor in the game, a focus beam of lighting for a few seconds will still kill you.

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Since I play Dark souls. To many to count.



I swear not even warden is this hard to kill


This smug jerk is the perfect example of how NOT to create difficulty spikes and rubber banding in racer games.


The Warden Eternal, three of him on Legendary difficulty.

Agh, it was really tough.


Bouldergeist from Super Mario Galaxy.
Specifically on the Daredevil Comet run.

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Gehrman, The First Hunter from Bloodborne, and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI are the two that I remember having the hardest times beating.

Glass Joe from Mike Tyson's punch out. Dude is so hard with his unpredictable attack pattern. (I'm joking! I'm joking! Don't rustle your jimmies.).
Probably that dude for the Merida's beacon mission in Skyrim when I was a low level. I went and did that at level three. Good thing I had Lydia.

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According to a finebros video, Glass Joe is actually something to be feared by them millennials...


Well they're millennials probably never owned an NES.

Friggin' Galamoth.

(Note, that the person playing it know how to exploit his weakness.)

Nothing compared to hamyap the hammer (grunt mech) he is a mythic boss.

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The Fury in MGS3 and Iblis Phase 2 in Sonic 06.

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Most of the bosses in Terraria are pretty tough. Even the first one can be a real challenge if you don't have the right set-up.



I freaking HATE the mechanical bosses.

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