Has the community ever had girls?

Seriously guys…
I remember three years ago on Instagram there were like 5. There’s a couple in TTV, but apart from that there’s virtually none. I’m asking this out of curiosity only. Not trying to find a GF like those guys on Minecraft.


No, we have a strict “no girls allowed” policy in the community. I can confirm, no girls have ever been a part of the community nor have they ever enjoyed BIONICLE.


This topic won’t age well.

One time I was chatting online with a person who turned out to be a Bionicle fan, and they were pretty cool, not gonna lie. I thought maybe it’d be cool for them to join the message boards, so I sent a link. I got a message back and my heart dropped.

“Are you sure they allow girls here?”

Oh gosh, no no no. This can’t be. A Bionicle girl!? I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I sent back my response.


And I blocked her and never have seen her since, thankfully. The end.