On my island?

They'l regret ever coming here.. ''

Long,long ago,before even the mask makers,
Okoto was a gigantic continent,each half governed by two powerfull brothers.
Bītoru and hasamimushi.

The each had control over one particular insect species,Bītoru could controlled the Kotsu beetle,and Hasamimushi had the skull spiders.
They lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years,but one day,they started fighting over ressources.
Hasamimushi ended up with pretty much everything,and Bītoru's territory was eventually destroyed my a massive explosion of unknown origins,making it sink in the ocean.

At the loss of his brother,Hasamimushi went insane.
he killed off many innocent creatures on his island,and eventually was locked up in a cave with his army of skull spiders.
But now,
six heros fell from the sky
waking him up.
he sent his army to destroy them

he is mad

he cannot be stopped


Is it not anymore?

It's just an island?

Great job! It is pretty well written. wink

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Relly? :0


If Okoto is just an island portion that broke of the original giant continent, then wouldn't the giant continent have another name?

Or maybe write "Okoto was part of a gigantic continent" instead?

Nice story though, though it seems at bit too similar to Ekimu and Makuta's tale.

You interrupted my beauty sleep at 3 am; you shall all perish for what you have done!


This story is really good.

Apart from some errors, this is really well written.

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Thank you @Oniwah!