Hautaka's MOCs 6

I’m finally back with the newest installment of Hautaka’s MOCs!
Behold 2 new MOCs and 1 new revamp!

In the time before time, six Toa were investigating the League Of Six Kingdoms, until the land known as The Pit flooded, spilling horrid mutagen everywhere. The League all mutated, and their leaders were forever known as the Barraki. 5 of the Toa team perished during the incident, but only one survived. He is only known as The Lost Toa, wandering the infinite abyss for which he is trapped.
Those were the best looking of the photos I took, so now, moving on to…

Vanguard is the name given to an old Stro-Matoran who wanders the island of Kindra Nui in some sort of mechsuit. (Stro-Matoran are Matoran of the element of Structure, which I invented. They are kind of like a mix between Onu-Matoran and Po-Matoran. I also invented Kindra-Nui)
Vanguard was introduced in the first Hautaka’s MOCs, but I thought it was about time to show him in better lighting.
Finally, we have a revamp of…

This hand design was made by someone here on TTV. It connects the fingers and the 1x2 plate with hinge thingies to the hand connector via Exoforce hand. If you recognize it, or if it belongs to you, please tell me because I want to credit the design.

This staff is a slightly modified version of Makuta’s Kolhii staff made by Ignohkii on YouTube. I thought it was fitting for Ahkmou here because of two reasons.

  1. In my story, Ahkmou is a leader of a cult who worships Makuta, and he is obsessed with collecting relics of the now extinct Makuta.
  2. It’s a Kolhii staff, and in the original Bionicle storyline, Ahkmou traded infected Kolhii balls in Po-Koro.
    This is the original video from which I got this design from:
    That’s all for now folks!

These all look really cool mate!
Also in that video, you sound like you’ve got a New Zealand accent?

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Heh, heh. That’s not me. I’m just crediting his design.

I didn’t read the writing :sweat_smile:
I need to start reading that stuff.

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That first one’s legs are deliciously creepy!

The second one I’m not a personal fan of.

Ahkmou, besides the fact that it’s Ahkmou, looks for the most part pretty good. His proportions are kinda wonky, but honestly I like it like that, it makes him look creepy and off-putting, and with his look I think it works!

The Avohkii looks good on him, but I think you could try out some other silver masks just so people don’t dismiss him because of that mask’s overuse!

No need, that hand design and many variations of it are extremely common! I think it’s safe to say it doesn’t really belong to anyone anymore!

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To be honest, I agree with your opinion on Vanguard. I made him a while back just for fun. Also, about Ahkmou, the reason he looks creepy is because he was corrupted by the Kanohi Kraakhan. I don’t have the Kraakhan yet, so I put the next best mask I had to put on him. If I do get the Kraakhan I will paint it with the same paint I used for Pahi’s mask:

It’s called Blazing Black by Testor’s.
Thanks for the input by the way!

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Oh wow, that’s a cool paint!

And yea, you’re welcome! :smile:

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It’s my design. Quite an old one which I’m happy to see has spread pretty much everywhere. :smile:
Most people don’t bother crediting me and I don’t mind but thanks for thinking to do so!

As for the MOC~

That hunched look on Ahkmou is perfect. The mask is usually overused but given his story and how he becomes this corrupt, authoritatian figure it works. How DARE he wear Takanuva’s mask! But the matoran can’t dare object, can they?


I got the Kraakhan for Christmas, as well as 53 other masks, so…
Be ready for a revamp of a revamp of a MOV!

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Could we have a picture? I’d like to see that xD

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I posted this in another topic, but here you go :slight_smile: :

The mask behind Mantax’s head is Toa Norik’s silver Kanohi Pehkui.
My cousin and grandma are amazing.

PS: Holy koli @Gringat responded to one of my posts. :joy:

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Huh, I didn’t know that! :laughing:

That was you, Gringat? The hand of all hands?

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This one was me, though there are much better ones floating around nowadays.

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