Hautaka's MOCs 7

Hello y’all! After cleaning my desk for the first time in forever, I decided to make some more characters. First up is Hautaka V2. I would do the cool introductory image thing like last time, but my Kindle refused for that to happen. So…

Why the heck is that image so big? Oh well.

Sorry guys. There isn’t a 1940’s Germany pose for Hautaka this time.
Why did I do that the first time? That wasn’t the intended results, but…

Here are the residents of Tuali Village of Kindra Nui.
Unnamed Su-Matoran

For the previous matoran, I took Kuo and replaced some parts and added others.
Vun (Not Ven)

A happy family, but not to last.
Turaga Tukata

For the last one, she was one of the two WIPs I’d promise to finish a while back.

That’s all!


These are all quite simple yet they look so good, I really like the first two.

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Also, I noticed that my purple Pakari from Onepu smells a bit like old ketchup. Coincidence? I think not!

First two are pretty good.
I don’t really like the Turaga though.


He’ll only be seen in my first comic. So you don’t have to look at him for long.

why is the turaga so swole?

its armor

Maybe if his shoulders weren’t so broad and he wasn’t completely silver that would be more obvious.
Still it looks like he could bench press a Kane ra.

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the turaga is buffed up! (yes I know it’s armour)

I quite enjoy that first Su-Matoran. So much personality in a chibi-esque package.

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Nice MOCs, I like how Hautaka and the Su Matoran look.

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Last MOC would benefit massively from some different lower arms. Right now it looks like she skipped lower leg day and upper arm day but hasn’t missed a single forearm day since she was born.

Got nothing for the others. Too small to critique effectively.

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I usually like to update my Mocs when multiple people on TTV share a similar critique so I can keep the community happy as well as giving myself more time to have fun building, so look forward to a revamp of Turaga Tukata in the future.
Plus, here’s a question: How many of you would like to see an '01 style version of Tukata, and how many of you will like to see a revised version, still inspired by the '01 Turaga?

  • Classic style
  • Original style

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Poll will end 1/29/17
Looks like an original style that I will come up with is winning!
I’m almost done working on an '01 Turaga, so I will be voting for that.