Have You Heard of Watsky?

Today I’m going to a Watsky Concert, and I thought this would be a great time to ask you people if you have heard of the slam poet, gone rapper, gone producer, gone author (which he is still doing all these things right now). If you have then I would love to hear what you got to say (Warning some of his content is explicit).

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Never heard of him before, I listened to some of his songs I enjoyed some.
Have fun at the concert mate

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Never heard of him

Thanks for changing the category I thought it belonged here but wasn’t sure.

Watsky? Is that some sort of whiskey? :slight_smile:

I have indeed heard of Watsky. If you haven’t heard of him, George Watsky is a rapper who raps very fast. I’d link some of his stuff, but the vast majority of it isn’t appropriate for the Boards. I first saw him in ERB, and checked out some of his stuff. I dunno, the gimmick of rapping fast kinda gets old fast. Maybe I’ll check him out again sometime.

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Ive seen him on ERB and sourcefed but thats about it.