Hawkflight/Ekorak photoshoot

This isn’t the first time I’ve met @Ekorak in person, but it is the first time I brought Jetera with me. Ek brought all his primary MOCs, and we spent a couple hours analyzing the MOCs, taking pictures, and running through some of our old routines.

For those of you who don’t already know, our supposed feud was always friendly, and I’m glad to have Ek as a friend as a sounding board for whatever new ideas I come up with. Also, his MOCs are short.





Walking Sticks

"Alternatively, I dab on your critique."

Praise the Bulk!

Hanging Out With the Tribe


Maybe you could have made a little more use of perspective to make them seem bigger than they are, but still, nice pictures.

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Pretty good pictures!
I love the location.

Definitely jealous of you guys being able to get together and take cool moc pics. :+1: I wish I had a Bionicle-collecting friend irl. You two are lucky!