Heat resistance, or invulnerability?

I have a silly question.
We all know that Toa of fire don’t feel heat, but I’m wondering if they resist heat, or are completely unaffected.
Could a Toa of fire hypothetically walk on, or swim in, lava?

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I would say no, and the reason is that we know the Human Torch cannot do that.


Cool thanks!

So this would mean that Jaller’s ability to walk on Lava in Bionicle Heroes is not canon then? Not surprising. Not much of that game was lol

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that! :smile:

I’m sure it’ll be ruled non canon by Greg, but there’s a scene that contradicts this in the Makuta’s Revenge novel. Pahrak-Kal melts the ground under Tahu’s feet and he starts sinking into lava, which only hurts him because his elemental power was stolen at the time.

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Interesting. I guess it’s possible that it would have hurt him anyway, or that standing in a shallow puddle of lava would be doable, but take a lot of effort and concentration. He is a Toa Nuva after all, so he may have higher resistance to heat.

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You gotta remember that Heat convects through stuff, too. Lava is pretty hot, but so is the air aroud it. I’d imagine that Tahu could, with his powers, safely stand near a pool of Lava; without them, though, he feels the heat of being too close.


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It’s rare to find fictional stories where lava is treated realistically. I doubt Bionicle is an exception, especially with lava surfing being a thing. Even Takua–who as far as we know lacks Ta-Matoran heat resistance–is perfectly fine being mere inches away from lava in MoL.