Hegemon Katana starfighter (With Better Photos)

So after ages of leaving the old topic in purgatory. I have finally gotten the ability to post slightly better pictures.

I am creating this from my phone so descriptions are hard. I’ll just go straight to the MOC.


cool design

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Very neat System MOC, Xevins! The colors and complexity on it are great, I love the design choices you’ve made with it. Really, really cool, my dude.

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It is a beautiful space duckling.

I love it…

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really impressive build, got love those flick fire missiles

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Nah but seriously it’s a pretty cool moc.

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It’s light blue…

Feels a little big for a single seater Imo,
that said I really like the design.

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If I used a pilot without an oxygen tank you’d have space for two.

3 if you used a short-legged character.

Technically so is mine, but I call it gray. But yeah, we have the same sheet. Neato.

Pretty nice design. I like the shaping.

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The shaping in the center could be streamlined, but I quite like it.

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I like the shape and design!

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To be honest that is a direct result of it being a bunch of technic beams with white plating slapped on.

My selection of white parts was declining so I ended yup coming up with the closest approximation of what I wanted.

I guess I’ll go with most Sci-fi designer’s excuse:

If there isn’t air in space then it doesn’t need to aerodynamic.

I usually like to be aerodynamic anyways tho

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