Heinz: Protector of Ketchup

Entry to Alieraah’s (Toa Junie) Protector of Junk Food Challenge

He has a giant ketchup bottle cannon he carries around, wouldn’t wanna get caught in the crossfire!


I like this one.

Love the giant ketchup bottle cannon design

Let me guess who he fights with, the Protectors of Mustard, Mayo, and Relish? :stuck_out_tongue:

coming soon…:slight_smile:

These are all amazing, but the back of the MOC could be covered a bit better.

That’s easily one of the most creative uses of the HF blaster piece I’ve ever seen. I love it!


Soon this will build up to make a Condiment King moc


The slayer of fries everywhere.

If you flip him upside down, does he take a long time to fall?

Or maybe does he make a weird sound when you squeeze him?

Haha. really funny and creative! Well done!

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The one thing I can always expect from the community is a handful of really creative MOC concepts :smile:

I got to say this looks great.
It’s nice that you gave him a weapon that resembles a ketchup bottle.

well i just fond my true love

ketchup you have a body

My only complaint is the trans light blue. The rest is extraordinary.

i tried to reduce the blue as much as I could

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I love the look of this MOC. This can be Ketchup themed, but its not limited to that, as it can be used as an actual protector. I just gives off many looks very well.

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