Helanya Version 2 (back story is being worked on)

2nd Version of another one of my Glatorian MOCs, although the original character belongs to Tayanacon on DeviantArt. The only thing that's the same to the first version is the arms and head, the body and legs are new. Personally, I love the gears in her hips, but it makes them way too wide so I still have some work to do... The upper part of the body could also use some re-designing. Version 3 should come up fairly soon then. Her helmet, by the way, is a completely custom design that I modeled in Sketchup and had 3d-printed, based on one of Tayanacon's drawings.

Helanya's legs are purely mechanical; she lost her original legs in fight with some Vorox. At some point, I'll post a far more in-depth backstory; I started typing it up tonight but it is turning out to be a lot longer than I expected, and it is now 4 AM and I want to go to bed, so I'll put it in a separate post once it is finished.


Awesome. So this is a 3d printed mask, right? Did you make the models?

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Yes. I didn't leave very good clearance between the two pieces (red and orange one) but they just about fit.


Moving to lego creations.

I'm loving this, it's looking great! I presume the mask is Shapeways?
I dig those feets!

Gunmetal Metru feetsies.


Nice MOC. The torso armor is the best part, thanks to the smooth look of combining HF with the Post-08 hand pieces.

Shapeways, yes. And yes, I didn't realize it either until I was randomly browsing gunmetal pieces on Bricklink, but gunmetal metru feet do exist.

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First off, great moc! Either the legs are to long or the arms are to short. I don't know which one but it feels a little odd. The custom mask if amazing and theory's are so cool! So all in all superb moc and keep on mocing!

Gunmetal Metrus came on the Maxilos set.

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Once again great MOC. Really like the helmet and the mechanical legs.

I know its generic, but i love leg design and helmet, how long did it take to print?

I don't know how long the printing took specifically, but the pieces arrived about three weeks after I ordered them.

This MOC gives me chima vibes

I kind of see it... The sides of the helmet do seem a bit like a lion's mane, with the curved plates sticking out. Plot twist, though: female lions don't have manes. Or do they in Chima? I don't keep up with that line much.

If what I recollect from the Chima recaps is true there is only one female lion and she doesn't have a mane. But I was actually referring to the fire birds from this years wave.

Ah, the phoenix tribe.