Hell-Bent 5.0


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I always like when keet orange is used in a MOC, and it seems to be well distributed here. From what I can see you’ve made some really neat custom limbs and they add a lot to the figure. Because the build is great, the only thing I would suggest is maybe add some more small trans orange highlights to the legs and arms.

Overall this is a great MOC!

######ugh, sideways pictures

It looks cool, though I think there are too many hues of grey

Nice moc, my only gripe is that the trans red mata orange hand looks out of place.

Seems to be pretty cool but the images are sideways!

Can’t see anything well but cool lower leg and lower arm design.

Go on the image to see the whole thing

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The gray parts and blue pins on this moc really seems off. It’s a good moc otherwise though

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