Not bad. I like the use of a golden hau for the shoulder.

The limbs are somewhat messy and seeing those 4-long shell pieces cut is heresy despite it being a common recolor.
The shoulder design is ok-

The moc itself doesn’t look to great, really messy and gappy.
But that custom mandalorian helmet looks epic!

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He’s no good to me dead.


I still think the orange and the red clash, it would look better if you only used one of the two

The custom build for his right arm looks quite nice!

The build isn’t too impressive outside of the arms, but I really like the paintjob on the helmet. Also he’s left handed I approve

Ah, someone else painted the Jango helmet, cool.

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Holy shot your bionicsonic dude I am a big fan of yours I love the chronicles of darkness series man

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Thanks man.

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