Hello everyone, new to all this :)

Hi everyone! Never actually joined a forum of any kind before, but recently I found the TTV channel’s discussion podcasts about Ninjago, and I have been enjoying it a lot! Been getting back into Ninjago again after years haha. Been a fan since the very first season and it was such an important piece of my childhood. So yeah, not sure what more to say. Anyway, hope you are all having a great day. :smiley: Also, what now?


Firstly, Welcome to the Boards.

Secondly, I’d recommend you check over the Rules for the site, as making a hello topic like this does count as a violation of them. You won’t get slapped or anything, it happens to the best of us.

I’ve flagged the topic and a moderator will come and close it down, but you can check out the Introduce Yourself! topic I linked at the top of this post, where you can, well… Introduce yourself, and ask any questions you’d like answered.

See you around!


Imagine being new to the boards and that avatar is the first thing you see


Hello there @cable78 It takes a while to reach to new heights to a higher rank. You gotta post some topics relevant to the type of messages in the forums. Also You might wanna listen to Ghid and read the rules of the site. I am sure you will get used to the site.


First off, welcome to the boards

As Ghid said, this kind of topic is not allowed which is why it is being closed. However, if you would like to introduce yourself, you can do so in the Introduce Yourself! topic