Hello I'm New and Stuff+ History and peer pressure

Hello everyone, I’m new here and I haven’t quite done something like this in a long time.

Back in the day, I was obsessive with Bionicle and to this day I’m still very fond of it and hope to see it return (again). My history with the series is… Interesting to say the least.

I was there in the very beginning, waaay back in 2001 when the line initially started, I was nine years old at the time. My first sort of figure set was the Nuparu “Mctoran” toy, closely followed by my first official set which was for real Toa Tahu. Ever since then I’ve strived to collect the other Toa and the rest is history.

Me and a neighbor friend would collectively share and play with these figures, and occasionally take them apart to build new and interesting creations with them. For a while there this was basically my life, this and Pokemon haha.

However I stopped buying the sets around 2005, not because that year’s storyline for the series was odd but because I was basically belittled for liking them in middle school. In fact a lot of the stuff I was into was mocked by peers (pokemon, star wars, this, etc.) so my passion, for lack of a better term, was faded away thanks to overly-entitled pre-teens. It also didn’t help that my neighbor friend wanted to forget about them also in order to fit in with the crowd (he really wanted to be popular or whatever).

Despite this setback, I still continued to follow the story line behind the scenes. I also had a younger cousin who collected the sets still around the 2007-2010 time frame, and he always needed my help to assemble most of them so there’s also that. Like most I was saddened by the cancellation/conclusion of the original Bionicle line when it was initially announced. I remember it being an impossible thing due to how long the series had been around and how popular to others like me it was.

For a time, I moved on with my life. At this point I was in college getting my degree in art when I heard word of the line coming back. When I saw images of the “new” 2015 sets a huge wave of nostalgia hit me and I made every effort to get each set as soon as possible. and thanks to the help of Geoff (a good friend of mine since early high school that’s my go-to guy for things like this) I was able to relive my nostalgia by getting my first 2015 set that was, ironically enough, Toa Tahu Master of Fire.

This nostalgia wave stayed for a while until I had to slow down and save money for more important living matters since I am basically an adult and all that. Then the lined got cancelled yet again in 2016, which wasn’t as surprising as the first time but still sucked.

So here I am now. An artist and child at heart who still hopes to see this franchise return in a big way.

Thanks to whoever reads my story here. Again, I never really do message boards so this is a first for me. I hope this wasn’t too ridiculous of a fist topic for me is what I’m really saying.

Also, does anyone else relate to having to deal with this sort of peer pressure of not being into “childish things” as a middle or high schooler? I always had this sense of isolation due to this but I couldn’t possibly be the only one?

Again, thanks for reading!

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