Hello, world! (random vignettes)

Ahhhhh, uploading on this site is SO FRICKING EASY.

These are just some vignettes I’ve built over the past year or so, and never got around the posting on MocPages. Since that site is essentially out the window at this point, I’ve decided to migrate here (at least partially). Anyways I hope you can find some way to enjoy the stuff I create, at this point or in the future.

As obligatorilynecessaryformetosaythis, you’re welcome to leave any criticism you feel necessary (although for these MOCs in particular it doesn’t matter bc they’re mostly ripped up already).

Also, since I’m new here, I’m not super clear on the protocols of this site, so please let me know if my stuff is out of line in any way and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Thanks for taking the time,



Very nice, it’s nice to meet a fellow Vignette maker.

Besides, you’re perfectly within rules! As long as you don’t A) Swear or are profane, B) Bully, or C) get too far off-topic, you are good to go!

These are really cool!

@ProfSrlojohn Or double post haha

R.I.P. MOCpages.

These are some pretty cool vigs.

Also yeah, the worst thing you can do on this site (apparently) is double-post. Which is somewhat waived for Creative Content topics if you’re reviving it with an update to the original MOC or what have you.

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@ProfSrlojohn @EmperorDuckie @Hawkflight Thanks for the feedback and advice, everyone!

Nice! I like the blaster and fountain ones the best.

The ricochet effect with the blaster bolt is pretty neat.