Help identifying part colour '01 kakama

Sorry, couldn’t decide where to put this topic, but I thought the builders would be more able to help.
I’ve been buying '01 kakamas for an upcoming project and I ordered a gold kakama. My question is, is this a gold kakama? I can’t find a comparison between a bronze and gold kakama anywhere. Bricklink separates them so I’m guessing there is a difference.
Here’s a link to the photo, since I’m on my phone and can’t upload directly.
Thanks in advance.

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There was never a copper Kakama released, and the gold one did look like copper that one is the gold one.

Thanks, I’ll know not to order the copper one then :pray:.

Yeah, older “gold” colors, mainly anything pre-2006, were more bronze than anything. The shade we’re used to identifying as gold today was first released in Bionicle with the Piraka, if I recall correctly.
In comparison, the copper masks were essentially the same color as the average penny; a dark, metalic, reddish-brown.