Help making MOC

I'm working on making a MOC that's black and has cyan translucent blue accents. I have it all planned out in my head, but I've hit a wall with the upper torso. It would be great if I could see some of the things you guys used for MOCs. I have absolutely no intention of copying someone's design. I just need that one thing that'll give me the inspiration to make what envision. Thanks to anyone who's able to help

Think you could share some parts at your disposal? I mean parts you have to use?

I'm not really picky about it. I just want to see some of the designs others have made. Usually some really minute detail will get my brain to explode.

Care to provide some pictures? I can't keep this open without them.

Can't right at this moment. If you have to close it that's fine.

Contact me when you have pictures so I can open it.

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