Help Me Make a Name For My Future Bionicle Comic

I have been wanting to make a photo-based Bionicle comic for forever, but I can’t come up with a name. If you wish to help me out, you must read this, so you can get ideas. However, there are SPOILERS FOR THE PLOT, so be careful. (this is simply the main idea, and there aren’t too many details about the story)

My comic is about a matoran who was kidnapped at a young age by the New Order of the Makuta. He was sent on many missions for the order. On one mission, he realized that murder and genocide is wrong. Now, he has abandoned the order and now, he has one goal: To avenge the ones he killed.

If you have any ideas, reply to this post, but make sure to blur it out with
[ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ] minus the spaces. Thanks.

Till death do us part


That’s actually really good! Thanks! However, I’ll wait to confirm the name until some other names are suggested. P.S. Should I move this to the Creative Content Comics forum?

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Not yet wait until it actually becomes more about the comic not the just name because as of now it is just an area for suggestions about the comics name not the actual comic itself

Something like “Renegade”, “Without Abandon” or “The Quality of Mercy” (Shakespeare reference) may work.

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Great! If y’all need to, you can ask me about plot details and/or characters for ideas. Because most of the names of characters in early Bionicle were words from the Maori language, you can make a title in Maori. I advise you use for translations. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

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Servant of the red star.

It implies the strong themes of death, his nature as a murderer, and the ties to bionicle.

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Glad to help out. What morals, or lack thereof, do the antagonists act on? Are they completely ruthless, or are they capable of compassion? When they’re under pressure, are they calaculating or just violent? Are they mostly members of the Brotherhood?


The New Order of the Makuta (or abbreviated as The Order or The New Order) is a cult of Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Skakdi, Vortixx, and other species who worship the ancient ways of the Makuta before it went into extinction by the hands of Makuta Teridax. They believe in slavery and kidnapping for the benefit for their collective. The higher-ups are titled as The Sons of Makuta (no, not rahkshi), which means that they believe that they are the reincarnation of Makuta. Like Krika, some actually have compassion, but they are mostly overwhelmed by the ruthless members. Under pressure, some are calculating, and they are usually appointed as strategists and generals, and the violent ones are usually the barbarians and warriors. Some may be former Brotherhood members, but I’m not sure yet. If anyone is confused, my story takes place in an alternate universe where the Matoran Universe is actually a large planet, and Spherus Magna and the Mata Nui robot don’t exist. It also takes place in the aftermath of Makuta Teridax’s defeat.
@king328 thnx m8

So far my favorite name for the comic is @king328 's Servant of the Red Star. If this still remains my favorite, then the second “volume” will be called Crimson Eclipse.

Also, my comic will be divided into little comics called parts (Part I, Part II, etc.) and they will be put into volumes, which are named.

Alright. As of 12/27/2016, this comic will be named The Crimson Sun Trilogy.
The first volume will be named Children of the Crimson Sun ,or Cotcs.
The second is undecided.
The third will be Slayers of the Crimson Sun, or Sotcs.
Thank you all for participating!